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Stunning creativity on full display in gorgeous arrangement of Flowers grown by Apricity Flowers

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We are pleased to offer irrigation services to one of our favorite florists, Apricity Flowers! Apricity flowers reached out to us in need of a custom watering solution for growing the flowers used in the arrangement below. We couldn't be more excited with the results! The flowers you see below were grown locally in Maryland using a Netafim Drip Irrigation system.

This project presented a few unique challenges due to its application being an agricultural environment. The site the garden sits on is limited to drawing water from a low volume well supply. With no access to city water, this project was an excellent candidate for a Netafim Drip watering system. We were able to use the drip technology to deliver a system that operates extremely efficiently without running the well dry. Not only is this drip system effective, but also environmentally friendly using the latest in water conservation technology and methods to protect our sacred environment.

Another challenge this site presented was the lack of access to 120v electric service. For this reason, we utilized Orbit battery powered combination valve / control timers. We have found the Orbit timers to be reliable and easy to use. They run off AA batteries and have a proven tract record of reliability as long as you take care of them. They are certainly not the right answer for most situations, but this project was a perfect example of where they can be very effective. Another situation they work great for are small roof top gardens with micro emitter systems for pots and planters.

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