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Why Install an Andrews Irrigation System 

Your lawn and garden landscaping make your property shine.  Irrigation systems are an essential component to protect the health and integrity of the landscaping.  Manual watering hoses can be very burdensome to drag around your property. With an Andrews Irrigation system, you can relax, knowing your property has the right watering solutions for your landscaping to thrive.  

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Quality Irrigation System Components 
  • Rainbird Spray and Rotor Heads

  • Netafim Drip Tubing 

  • Programmable Smart Control Timers

  • Rain Gauges

  • Custom designed systems 

  • As-built blueprint drawings

  • Custom "whimsical" copper sprinklers

Exterior mounted Rainbird control panel and Hunter wireless rain gauge attached.  Irrigation system main water point of connection with backflow prevention device. 

Premium Processes Produce Premium Results

We dedicate ourselves to installing irrigation without sacrificing prized landscaping for construction projects. With careful attention to detail and specialized equipment, we can install systems without damaging turf or plantings. As residential system experts, we understand the diligence required to safeguard your home's landscaping.


Drip irrigation installation for a professional flower grower.

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Black micro tubing can be seen here for watering these pool side flower pots. Utilizing micro emitter systems also work great for rooftop gardens when conventional irrigation options are limited.  

Installation Equipment
  • Hand Digging Delicate Areas 

  • Vibratory Pipe & Wire Plow

  • Pneumatic Boring Tools 

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Irrigation installed in areas with dense plant material with little to no disruption to the plants. This is why we often rely on delicate hand digging. 

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